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Blackburn Rovers must pay former manager £2.25m compensation

Blackburn Rovers must pay former manager £2.25m compensation
Former Blackburn Rovers Football Club manager Henning Berg has been told he is entitled to £2.25 million from his ex-employers.

Mr Berg, 43, was appointed by Blackburn Rovers owners Venky's as a manager on the 31st October 2012, but after a poor series of results, was fired after only 57 days in charge of the club.

His compensation claim was authorised by magistrates because he had been offered a three-year contract but was not properly consulted or informed about the conditions of either his appointment or dismissal.

Blackburn Rovers have had five managers this season. Much of the instability is thought to come from a conflict between Venky's and the club's managing director, Derek Shaw - who the owners blamed for mishandling the Norwegian ex-manager's dismissal.

The Championship team are currently engaged in a relegation battle having won only three games out of the last ten - with fans showing disdain for the club's management situation through a number of protests outside the Ewood Park stadium.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson