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Ex-Royal Marine set for millions in damages

Ex-Royal Marine set for millions in damages
An ex-Royal Marine left with life-changing injuries after a road traffic accident is eligible to pursue compensation for his ordeal.

Robert Ayres sustained catastrophic brain damage when he was hit by a car Leicester city centre in September 2008 and will therefore now require lifelong care, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr Ayres - who was 24-years-old at the time of the incident - was injured when he decided to stand in the middle of Horsefair Street exposing himself shortly after midnight following a night out with friends.

Despite the fact his girlfriend Kim Brown attempted to persuade him to move, he was struck and hit his head on the kerb as he fell, with the impact of this collision leading to him suffering severe disabilities.

"His drunken state and dropped trousers hampered his ability to move freely and at a normal speed out of the path of the car," High Court Judge Mrs Justice Swift said.

The judge ruled that even though Mr Ayres' behaviour was both "very foolish" and "reprehensible", the driver of the car that hit him - Mahesh Odedra - was responsible for 80 per cent of the liability for the accident.

In his defence, Mr Odedra claimed that his car had not even touched Mr Ayres - who had served twice in Iraq and was training as a nurse at the De Montfort University Hospital - before he fell and also said that his car had been surrounded and urinated on by a gang before the incident.

The judge rejected these claims as "wholly false" and stated that even though she does not believe Mr Odedra had deliberately run the claimant over, the former serviceman's lifelong care will cost millions, meaning he is entitled to a significant damages award.

Mr Ayres' final settlement will now be determined at a later court hearing.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson