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Professional sues council for unfair dismissal

Professional sues council for unfair dismissal

A woman is seeking compensation on the grounds of unfair dismissal and disability discrimination after losing her job at Croydon Council.

Linda Oram was made redundant from her position as a policy strategy manager at the local authority the day after she was diagnosed with mouth cancer for the second time in September 2011, Your Local Guardian reports.

Ms Oram believes she was unjustly sacked after she was unsuccessful in a job interview she undertook in an attempt to secure one of two new roles that had been created as part of the council's restructuring plans.

In a statement heard at her employment tribunal, the professional insisted the interview should have been re-arranged because she was "distraught" at the fact her cancer had returned.

"I was not expecting to get bad news as I had only had a procedure in May and normally it had taken nine months or so to return," she noted.

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Posted by Francesca Witney