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FAI settles unfair dismissal case with former worker

FAI settles unfair dismissal case with former worker
An unfair dismissal case filed against the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) by a former member of staff has reached a settlement.

Legal proceedings were launched against the sporting body after Vanessa Tucker, the ex-personal assistant to Packie Bonner, believed her administration job was at risk through a rumour, reports the Irish Independent.

The 38-year-old worker, who served the former Celtic player and technical director of the FAI, said she was shocked to hear she was being made redundant at a meeting in 2010 after ten years in employment at the organisation.

Although no details of the unfair dismissal settlement were released to the media, solicitor Fiona Kelly confirmed the case had been concluded earlier this month.

The legal proceedings revealed Ms Tucker, who hails from Rush, County Dublin, had worked as a personal assistant to Mr Bonner, while also serving the previous chief executive Brendan Menton in the last ten years.

At a previous tribunal, the FAI's human resources director Stephen Driver denied claims the body had created a "hit list" of employees it was looking to get rid of during redundancies in 2010, when 12 people were dismissed.

He argued the actions had been played out in a "fair manner", while the basis of the sackings was on the functionality of employees.

"Rather than drawing up a hitlist, the organisation approached it from a functional point of view," Mr Driver said.

The court heard the organisation was forced to reduce its workforce as part of a wider cost-cutting programme, which it was implementing simultaneously.

Ms Tucker, who was based at the FAI headquarters in Dublin in the ticket office and at reception, had relinquished her role as a personal assistant to carry out general administrative tasks after asking her bosses for a reduced working week.

Posted by Trusha Vyas