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Ex-prison officers seeking unfair dismissal compensation

Ex-prison officers seeking unfair dismissal compensation

Two former prison officers are seeking compensation on the grounds of unfair dismissal after being relieved of their duties.

According to the Staffordshire Sentinel, Paul Perry and Andrew Mountford have taken G4S Care & Justice Services (UK) to an employment tribunal after leaving their positions at Winson Green prison in Birmingham.

The pair were accused of assaulting a 21-year-old inmate as he claimed the workers hit him and dragged him into a room by his shirt because he placed his leg on a chair during a family visit - an action linked to drug smuggling that often leads to searches being carried out.

Mr Perry and Mr Mountford - who had been prison guards for eight and seven years respectively - denied the allegations and insisted they had to defend themselves after the inmate had become violent.

Being as CCTV footage of the incident is inconclusive, the pair have been told by tribunal judge Helen Harding that they are eligible to proceed with their claim.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson