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Woman granted compensation for facial burns

Woman granted compensation for facial burns
Compensation has been awarded to a woman who sustained second-degree burns in a horrific accident in a public place.

According to The Sun, Charlotte Swaby was seriously injured when a sambuca cocktail that is set on fire prior to being consumed blew up in her face while she celebrated her 19th birthday at a bar in Barnsley, which is now closed.

Ms Swaby - who is now 22-years-old - was purchased the so-called Flaming Lamborghini drink as a present from friends and explained that it was tradition among the group for them to consume one of the cocktails on their birthday.

However, the lit fumes of the sambuca - which was being poured from the top of a tower of glasses - set fire to her hair and skin engulfing her in flames.

Medical professionals believe Ms Swaby could have lost her eyesight in the incident, but this was saved by the fact her eyes were tightly shut due to the fact the drink tasted so strong.

Speaking to the news source, the woman said she was afraid the waiter preparing the cocktail did not know what he was doing because he shook up the spirit prior to using it.

Furthermore, she was given a standard-sized straw with which to consume the drink rather than a party straw, meaning she was closer to the flames than normal when she attempted to take a sip.

"I think I heard a bang. It felt like a lifetime, but it took ten or 12 seconds to put out the flames. My ear was hurting so I clamped my hair to it not realising it was on fire," Ms Swaby added.

This comes shortly after 18-year-old Gaby Scanlon told the Daily Mail she is considering taking legal action against a bar in Lancaster after a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen she consumed last month left her needing to have her stomach removed.

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Posted by Francesca Witney