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Serious cycling accident leads to damages pursuit

Serious cycling accident leads to damages pursuit
Life-changing injuries sustained during a road traffic accident have led to a cyclist seeking compensation for his ordeal.

Nigel Barclay was left with an extensive range of health issues when he was knocked off his cycle just a hundred metres away from his home in Hillside, London, in March this year, Your Local Guardian reports.

The 45-year-old was kept in Tooting's St George's Hospital for a period of two months as he underwent treatment for a fractured skull, broken legs, arms and pelvis and multiple fractures to his face.

In addition, Mr Barclay suffered a brain injury that has left him with double vision in one eye and deaf in one ear.

At the time of this incident, the cyclist had just removed his helmet and was riding downhill towards his house when 19-year-old driver Harry Ledger turned right into his path.

Due to the severity of his injuries, Mr Barclay - who manages a gate installation company - has not been able to return to work and has been told by doctors that he is unlikely to ever be able to complete physically challenging tasks again.

During a subsequent case heard at South East Surrey Magistrates' Court, Mr Ledger admitted driving without due care and attention and was fined £300 - a penalty Mr Barclay believes was far too lenient.

"Because I suffered a brain injury, I had to surrender my licence ... I was a man in his mid-40s who was perfectly fit and able, enjoyed sports and playing with my kids. Now, I'll have to be very careful not to sustain any more injuries," he told the news source.

Mr Barclay went on to explained that the decision had taken into account the fact he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the incident, but maintained this would not have protected him from the injuries "having the biggest effects on my life", such as his broken legs and pelvis.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas