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Nicholas Cage awarded libel damages from MailOnline

Nicholas Cage awarded libel damages from MailOnline

Nicholas Cage has been awarded compensation after taking legal action against the Daily Mail's online edition on the grounds of libel.

The Oscar-winning actor was granted undisclosed damages following the media group's decision to publish a story last month accusing him evading taxes which he claimed to be false.

And it has now emerged that the 48-year-old Hollywood A-lister - who is famous for his roles in films such as Face/Off, Con Air and The Wicker Man - has secured a compensation settlement and an apology from MailOnline.

The article in question was focused predominantly on the allegation that Cage had been returning rented DVDs late, but the actor sued due to other pieces of detail it contained.

Following the conclusion of the case, his legal representative was quoted by the BBC as saying: "My client has secured a complete vindication of his reputation following the publication of a categoric retraction by the MailOnline for what they immediately acknowledged was a completely unfounded and defamatory allegation."

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Posted by Trusha Vyas

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