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Motorcyclist seeking £300,000 after collision

Motorcyclist seeking £300,000 after collision

A road traffic accident that left a motorcyclist with serious physical and emotional injuries has resulted in him seeking up to £300,000 in compensation.

According to In Cumbria, Darren Atkinson has filed writ at the High Court as he attempts to secure a six-figure damages sum after a collision on the A592 in Steveley-in-Cartmel in April 2010.

The 47-year-old sustained breaks to his knee and hip when he hit a Ford Focus being driven by Michael Stirret, who he claims pulled out of a side road too late for him to avoid colliding with.

Due to his injuries, Mr Atkinson's writ states that while he is able to walk, his range of movement is very limited and he remains in pain. As such, he has had to take a substantial amount of time off work since the incident.

In addition, he claims that the accident is responsible for the breakdown of his marriage.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas