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Parents could sue NHS trust after son's death

Parents could sue NHS trust after son's death

Clinical negligence compensation could be sought by the parents of a boy who passed away earlier this year following the release of a report on his death.

Luke Jenkins died at the age of seven from a cardiac arrest a week after he had undergone successful corrective surgery on a heart defect at Bristol Children's Hospital in April this year.

The child was born with just one ventricle in his heart as opposed to the normal two - meaning the organ had two chambers, not four - but was expected to make a full recovery after having this operation.

However, he died just seven days later and a root cause analysis (RCA) report put together by an investigative team at the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust has now revealed that his death was partly due to the negligence of the body.

Luke's parents - Stephen Jenkins and Faye Valentine - claimed that professionals at the hospital did not provide their son with the adequate level of care required both on the day before his procedure and in its immediate aftermath.

And the RCA has indicated that the NHS trust is to blame for the boy's passing, as it has cited "low and unsafe" staffing levels as a contributory factor to his death.

Meanwhile, the report also indicated that vital time was lost while staff attempted to save Luke's life due to the fact junior nursing staff did not know where resuscitation equipment was stored on the ward he was being kept on.

However, Mr Jenkins and Ms Valentine have disputed the assertion that their son had an X-ray the day before his operation.

His father commented: "If he had had an X-ray they would have found what was wrong with him and he would still be here now. But we were with him all day and we know that it never happened."

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Posted by Francesca Witney