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Men 'paid around £5k more than women every year'

Men 'paid around £5k more than women every year'

Males are typically paid around £5,000 more than their female counterparts every year, new research has established.

A study conducted by online resource My Salary Calculator has found that the gender pay gap remains entrenched in the UK, as the median salary received by men annually stands at £29,120, while this figure drops to £24,000 for women.

In general, males are paid between £4,907 and £7,491 more than females and this survey has cast doubts over official data from the Office for National Statistics, which last year stated that the discrepancy in wages between the sexes has dropped to below ten per cent.

After analysing the figures collated by My Salary Calculator, head of maths at Bradford Grammar School Dr David Fishwick commented: "Although males are generally better paid, they also have a wider range in salary. There is less variety in women's salaries."

Meanwhile, Dr Catherine Hakim, a Visiting Professor at the WZB research institute in Berlin, said it shows that while women tend to be "clustered around the average wage", the male population includes lots of high-earners and many low-earners.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson