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McDonald's waitress launches unfair dismissal case

McDonald's waitress launches unfair dismissal case

Compensation could be sought by a former McDonald's waitress who took legal action against her formal employer after claiming grounds of unfair dismissal.

Sarah Finch, 19, has sought advice from a solicitor after she was allegedly fired from her job in Llangunnor, near Carmarthen, for sprinkling too much chocolate on a McFlurry ice cream she was preparing for a fellow colleague.

The teenager is taking the company that owns the restaurant to an employment tribunal after bosses at the branch were displeased with Ms Finch's generosity after she was told to "make it a nice one" by a fellow member of staff who was paying for the treat.

Ron Mounsey, the managing director of the restaurant's owner - franchise company Lonetree - backed the decision to let Ms Finch go.

She had worked for the organisation for more than 18 months and was widely regarded as an "exceptional" employee, earning around £180 every week for her duties.

However, in her application to the tribunal, Ms Finch said she was dismissed on the grounds of gross misconduct because she was accused of stealing food.

She added: "The matter was trivial, in that I provided a fellow employee, who was purchasing a dessert, a generous sprinkling of chocolate pieces.
"There is no standard for such measures, and they are always imprecise and will vary among customers."

Formal work appraisals regarding Ms Finch's development in the job noted she was placed in the highest category of staff members due to her exceptional performance, while she far exceeded the specifications in many aspects of her role.

Comments read by managers in the appraisals include: "You are very polite and friendly to all customers, even when they can be trying. Your smile is very welcoming."

"Sarah - you have worked hard and your positive friendly attitude has been recognised. On drive-thru you are very adaptable."

Posted by Trusha Vyas