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Managers 'must pay constant attention to gender equality'

Managers 'must pay constant attention to gender equality'

Managers need to pay constant attention to the make-up of their workforce in order to make sure they avoid committing sex discrimination.

That is according to Anni Townend, leadership consultant, coach and author of Assertiveness and Diversity, who has insisted that gender will always be a crucial issue in the employment sector.

Ms Townend explained it is vital for bosses and leaders to keep in mind the importance of including both males and females at every level of their organisation, as such diversity provides sizeable benefits to all companies.

"I would encourage all leaders and managers to create opportunities every day to engage people," she added.

The expert went on to say that ensuring both genders are properly represented will foster a culture of better professional relationships within businesses.

This comes shortly after the Financial Times reported that the European Commission is looking into making it compulsory for listed firms to reserve at least 40 per cent of boardroom positions for females by 2020.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas