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Flexible working 'becoming more widespread'

Flexible working 'becoming more widespread'

Flexible working is becoming a vital part of the employment sector as firms adapt to the 21st-century business environment.

That is the opinion of Phil Flaxton, chief executive officer of Work Wise UK, who believes that both organisations and employees are valuing the benefits of being more flexible.

Mr Flaxton explained it is by no means a given that employers will begin allowing both part-time and full-time staff to have shorter shifts and work from home more often in the coming months.

However, he added that flexibility is "part and parcel of an increasingly fluid employment market" as companies readjust during the country's double-dip recession.

Indeed, he went on to suggest that flexibility is particularly beneficial to people who are not on permanent contracts, as they often do not have the security of contractual perks such as paid holiday and paid sick leave as they are paid by the hour.

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Posted by Francesca Witney