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Director could face industrial disease claims

Director could face industrial disease claims

A Kent-based company could face industrial disease claims after it emerged one of its directors potentially exposed the residents of a house to asbestos.

Peter Horrey, director of Absolute Asbestos, carried out work at a home in Camden over the course of 11 days last July, which has subsequently been found to be dangerous and inadequate.

Mr Horrey's firm was hired to remove all the asbestos present in the house's boiler room but an investigation conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) established that he had done so without holding the correct license.

Furthermore, the professional also failed to effectively clean and decontaminate the area after the project and left visible asbestos fibres in place that were a danger to the health of both the householders and plumbers who were due to start work in the boiler room after him.

After he had finished the work, an analyst went to the site to conduct an air test and issued a failure certificate to Mr Horrey on the basis that the work he had done had not met safety standards.

However, the director then doctored the air test to deceive the homeowners into thinking the room was safe to re-enter.

Therefore, the HSE prosecuted Mr Horrey on the basis he had breached the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 and, during a case heard at Southwark Crown Court, the director admitted to breaking the law on three occasions in the 11-day period.

Consequently, the residents could now opt to seek compensation from the director.

Dominic Elliss, inspector at the HSE, commented: "He operated outside the safeguards provided by a licensing regime, failed to clean and decontaminate the work area and then lied to the residents of the property by providing an altered air safety test done by an analyst and informing them it was clear to re-enter."

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Posted by Trusha Vyas