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Motorcyclist seeking £2.5m compensation after crash

Motorcyclist seeking £2.5m compensation after crash

Compensation worth in excess of £2.5 million is being sought by a motorcyclist who sustained life-changing injuries during a collision with a car.

Darren Braund was left brain-damaged when he was involved in a crash on the A4055 Cardiff Road in Barry, South Wales, in July 2009 and is subsequently taking legal action against the driver involved, Wales Online reports.

The 28-year-old was comatose for several weeks after the incident, has lost the use of his left arm and also now suffers with several other health problems such as epilepsy.

A writ served to the High Court on his behalf alleges that the negligence of the motorist who Mr Braund collided with was to blame for the incident as she failed to make an adequate check for oncoming traffic before turning, meaning she was not a "reasonable and prudent motorist".

Furthermore, it is claimed the female has already been convicted of driving without due care and attention for her role in the accident, so Mr Braund - who has two young children - is entitled to a seven-figure compensation sum for his ordeal.

His wife Jane Braund told the news source: "We were strong before this happened and I didn't think we could get any stronger, but this sure has made us much stronger and we can't get any stronger."

Mrs Braund went on to say that she is "so proud" of the way her family have handled the situation, adding: "My husband is my true inspiration - he’s a true miracle and fought all odds."

Last year, she explained in an interview with the BBC that Mr Braund had to undergo "hours and hours" of surgery following the accident and revealed that doctors advised her that he may not survive due to the extent of his injuries.

"There are three muscles in his leg that are not working but with the help of a shock stimulator in his shoe he can walk," she stated.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas