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Man seeking £300k clinical negligence compensation

Man seeking £300k clinical negligence compensation

Clinical negligence compensation of £300,000 is being sought by a man who claims he may have to have his leg amputated due to sub-standard medical treatment.

Steven Griffin is taking legal action against the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust on the basis that errors were made by professionals at the Hull Royal Infirmary after he slipped on ice in January 2010.

According to the Hull Daily Mail, the 46-year-old sustained a fractured right foot and an injury to his left knee when he fell over and was taken to hospital fro examination.

Doctors fitted his right leg with a below-the-knee cast for a period of three weeks, but the limb became swollen during this time and when the plaster was taken off, it was discovered he had developed a blood clot.

Mr Griffin's writ issued to the High Court indicated he was then treated with anticoagulant warfarin for a period of six months, but he subsequently suffered from deep vein thrombosis.

This, he alleges, has resulted in him suffering permanent vein damage, which means he struggles to walk due to the pain and swelling of his lower leg.

As such, Mr Griffin has stated that his previously "fit and active" lifestyle is now a thing of the past, meaning he should be entitled to a six-figure settlement for his ordeal.

His legal documentation noted: "He cycled 12 miles a day to and from work, he was in a relationship, attended the gym three days a week and enjoyed camping and walking.

"The claimant has put on a considerable amount of weight, has become socially withdrawn and relies on others to care for him in some respects."

Furthermore, Mr Griffin has also been certified unfit to work and is "unlikely" to be able to obtain any sort of paid job in the future.

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Posted by Francesca Witney