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Family to continue pensioner's industrial disease claim?

Family to continue pensioner's industrial disease claim?

The family of a pensioner who passed away from mesothelioma may decide to continue the legal action he started prior to his death.

Derek Butler died at the age of 74 due to the terminal asbestos-related illness and was in the process of making an industrial disease claim against his former employer BT, the Weston Mercury reports.

Mr Butler got a job as an office worker at the organisation in 1967 before then being promoted to the position of building contract manager in 1980 - a role that involved some on-site supervision of the conversion of the country's phone network to electric.

In a personal statement written to form the basis of his legal claim, Mr Butler explained that many of the cables used in this project were "covered in asbestos".

"This was a massive job and when remodelling lots of dust fibres were disturbed ... this was going on until my retirement in 1996," he added.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson