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Study: 80% of London firms now permit flexible working

Study: 80% of London firms now permit flexible working

More than three-quarters of all businesses based in London now permit some form of flexible working, a new study has revealed.

Research conducted by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and recruitment firm Harvey Nash established that some 80 per cent of firms in the capital offer their employees the chance to operate away from the office.

This report found that many managers feel that teleworking is beneficial to their company both in terms of reducing its costs and boosting staff productivity.

For instance, 46 per cent of firms believe this flexibility means work is undertaken more quickly by their professionals, while 25 per cent have seen a reduction in their annual financial outlay of at least £3,000 thanks to such schemes.

Chief executive of the LCCI Colin Stanbridge commented: "Being flexible with how and where staff work can bring enormous benefits to a business and getting it right can add to the productivity of a firm as well as staff morale."

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Posted by Trusha Vyas