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Property market 'is discriminatory against the disabled'

Property market 'is discriminatory against the disabled'

Disability discrimination may be inherent in the UK's property industry, a new report has suggested.

Published by the All Parliamentary Group for Young Disabled People as part of its Locked Out campaign presented to the House of Commons, the findings indicated the market might be oblivious to people with disabilities.

It was demonstrated that 85 per cent of these individuals are not confident about the accuracy of advice given to them by local authorities and estate agents, while half of survey respondents said they have decided not to live independently because of a lack of information.

In addition, it was found around 80 per cent are not certain the same access to care and support they receive at present would be replicated if they were to move away from their local authority.

While almost one-quarter of those questioned said minor adjustments were not carried out by their landlord when requested, around 70 per cent claimed poor knowledge at estate agents made it hard to locate accessible accommodation.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson