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Female driver claiming race discrimination against insurer

Female driver claiming race discrimination against insurer

A female driver believes she has been subjected to race discrimination after she was charged more for car insurance following a name change.

When she came to renew her protection, newlywed Joanne Matulevicze discovered the quote for the cover had bumped up nearly £100 when she used her new surname, the Daily Record reports.

Ms Matulevicze found the total cost of her Halifax arrangement came to £541.95 - markedly higher than the £446.49 she was quoted when she inadvertently applied using her maiden name Cuthbertson.

The 28-year-old said the discrepancy is because her new name sounds foreign, while her previous one suggested she was British.

"It makes you think just how much unknown ¬discrimination goes on when it comes to insurance and other policies," she noted, adding the episode has left her feeling upset and angry at how insurance costs can vary depending on name.

A spokesman from Halifax denied that decisions are made using surnames, explaining the quotes are calculated by a panel of insurance firms.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas