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Govt unveils new flexible working initiative

Govt unveils new flexible working initiative

Flexible working could become available to thousands more professionals with mental health issues under a new government initiative.

Health minister Lord Howe unveiled a Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance scheme this morning (June 26th) aimed at improving the way in which employers manage their members of staff with such needs.

During a speech at The Work Foundation, the official indicated that a number of major organisations - such as EDF Energy - have committed to the new Responsibility Deal pledge,

Under the terms of this agreement, firms will follow guidelines such as permitting paid or unpaid leave for medical appointments, offering gradual returns to work and being flexible in terms of shift patterns and working hours.

Lord Howe explained that a good working environment is "crucial for our wellbeing" and can also help in the process of recovery from mental health conditions.

"However, stigma and lack of understanding means many remain unemployed or underutilised. This Responsibility Deal pledge will help employers think through the simple steps they can make to help," he added.

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Posted by Francesca Witney