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EU passes new employment law

EU passes new employment law

Senior European policymakers have decided to implement a significant change to the continent's employment law system, it has emerged.

Under the terms of a new European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling, workers in the European Union (EU) who fall ill while taking annual leave will be entitled to take paid holiday in lieu at a later date.

Unlike some areas of EU legislation, the UK does not have an opt-out clause with regard to labour market rulings, meaning professionals in Britain are set to benefit from this alteration.

In a statement, the ECJ noted that the right to paid annual leave "cannot be interpreted restrictively" and indicated this reform is lawful under the jurisdiction of the EU Working Time Directive.

"A worker is entitled to take paid annual leave, which coincides with a period of sick leave, at a later point in time, irrespective of the point at which the incapacity for work arose," it added.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas