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Teenager awarded £4.3m clinical negligence damages

Teenager awarded £4.3m clinical negligence damages

Clinical negligence compensation of more than £4 million has been awarded to a teenager left brain damaged due to errors at her birth.

According to the BBC, the unnamed 13-year-old needed emergency resuscitation after being delivered at The John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford and will now need support for the rest of her life as she suffers with cerebral palsy.

During a case at the High Court in London, the youngster's legal team claimed that professionals at the institution had delayed her birth, despite the fact there was clear evidence of foetal distress.

Consequently, Judge Patrick Moloney ruled she will receive a lump sum of £4.3 million, as well as significant annual instalments for the remainder of her life to pay for the care she needs.

This comes after Judge Sir Robert Nelson decided that 11-year-old Milly Evans was entitled to £10.8 million in compensation after complications at her birth at Lincoln County Hospital left her with catastrophic brain injuries.

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Posted by Francesca Witney