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Sheffield Homes staff facing redundancy

Sheffield Homes staff facing redundancy

More than 1,000 people in the north of England are facing redundancy a year earlier than was originally planned, it has emerged.

According to the Sheffield Star, officials at Sheffield City Council have recommended that housing management body Sheffield Homes be closed down in 2013 - some 12 months prior to the winding-up date previously announced.

The organisation employs some 1,100 professionals - who carry out duties such as cutting grass, clearing litter and cleaning housing estates - and councillor Harry Harpham has admitted that no jobs are completely safe from redundancy.

A letter from the official to residents' associations and tenants this week has indicated that Sheffield Homes will be shut next April.

He told the news source: "We have not yet worked out how many jobs will be lost or what departments will have redundancies. We are just in the process of starting a project to transfer the staff over."

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Posted by Trusha Vyas