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London 2012 'an ideal time to embrace flexible working'

London 2012 'an ideal time to embrace flexible working'

The London 2012 Olympics could provide professionals with the ideal opportunity to embrace flexible working.

That is according to Rene Hendrickse of enterprise mobility services firm iPass, who believes the games - which get underway on July 27th and close on August 12th - may be a perfect time for companies to allow their staff to work from home.

Speaking to the Chartered Management Institute, Mr Hendrickse explained that his firm is in the process of finalising its own working practice plan for the Olympics and suggested other organisations do the same.

The expert went on to say that technology such as tablets and smartphones mean it often makes no difference where people work from and operating from home will allow individuals to avoid the travel chaos likely to affect the capital during the Olympics.

"You have the facilities already when you're travelling, so why not work from home? You're just not in the office," he stated.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson