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Flexible working 'most popular employee benefit'

Flexible working 'most popular employee benefit'

Flexible working is the most sought-after benefit companies can offer among employees, a new study has revealed.

Research conducted by Engage Mutual has established that in terms of perks on top of their basic remuneration package, 55 per cent of professionals across the UK would favour flexible hours.

This means a fluid attitude from firms towards shift patterns is more popular than other bonuses, such as pension contributions - which were favoured by 54 per cent of respondents - and help with healthcare costs, a benefit desired by 37 per cent.

Furthermore, the Employee Benefit Study also highlighted how important extras are to employees in the modern age, as nine per cent of workers indicated they would reject a job opportunity if it included no contractual perks.

Helen Smith, head of Engage Mutual Health, observed this is a sign of the times, as professionals are no longer splashing out on luxury purchases but instead have an "appetite for benefits that provide more immediate help".

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Posted by Trusha Vyas