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Ex-bursar seeking unfair dismissal damages from school

Ex-bursar seeking unfair dismissal damages from school

Unfair dismissal compensation is being sought through an employment tribunal by a former school bursar.

David Mitchell is taking legal action against St Joseph's School in Launceston, Cornwall, on the grounds of breach of contract after he was sacked in March 2011 following a two-year stint at the private establishment, the Western Morning News reports.

Mr Mitchell claims he has been treated as a "scapegoat" for a failed plan to extend the school's facilities to include a sixth form, which was first unveiled by then-chairman of governors John Marshall in 2009.

It was expected this work would cost around £2.5 million to complete - a figure Mr Mitchell informed the chairman was beyond the school's budget.

However, following some complications involving the school's financial books, the bursar was fired on the basis the board of governors felt he had committed a breach of trust and had failed to carry out his duties adequately.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson