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EHRC calls for boardroom appointment changes

EHRC calls for boardroom appointment changes

Changes to the interview process used by the UK's largest companies are needed in order for gender discrimination to be tackled.

That is according to a new report published today (May 28th) by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), which has called for the recruitment policies of major firms to be made more "transparent, rigorous and professional" moving forward.

The EHRC has indicated that a "male-dominated corporate elite" still exists in the majority of boardrooms in the country's largest firms, which tends to oversee the appointment of professionals with similar characteristics to themselves.

Lady Prosser, deputy chair of the EHRC, said this subjective way of handling appointments means boardrooms end up being replicated "rather than bringing in talented women who bring real benefits to individual company performance and ultimately help Britain's economic recovery".

With this in mind, the body has urged those in power at such organisations to put more females in a position where they can take on high-ranking roles in the future.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson