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Disabled workers protest against redundancy

Disabled workers protest against redundancy

A group of disabled workers have today (May 29th) held a protest in London against the fact they are facing redundancy in the near future.

Some 2,800 people are set to lose their jobs in the coming months after the government decided to close down all 54 sites of disabled employment group Remploy across the country.

According to the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance, this decision has been taken in order to involve disabled professionals in mainstream positions, as opposed to them operating in specialist roles.

However, unions hit back at this plan by stating it will be impossible for all the disabled people affected by these changes to find regular employment in the near future.

And these professionals have today protested outside the offices of Disability Rights UK in the capital in order to make their feelings on the redundancies known.

Phil Davies, national officer at the GMB union, indicated his support for this move by noting that a report on the future of Remploy is being used as a "Trojan horse" to close its factories.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas