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Sales rep seeking unfair dismissal damages

Sales rep seeking unfair dismissal damages

Unfair dismissal compensation is being sought by a sales representative after she was sacked for allegedly bullying members of staff.

Martha Skariniotis is taking legal action against Alcester holiday firm Villa Select on the grounds that she was unjustly removed from her position, according to the Redditch Advertiser.

An employment tribunal in Birmingham will rule whether or not this claim for damages is warranted, as Rajinder Kumar, manager of the company, insists Ms Skariniotis misused office facilities and also regularly made inappropriate comments to colleagues.

Mr Kumar believes he had no choice but to fire the employee because her actions were dragging morale among members of staff down and she consistently showed a lack of enthusiasm for her job.

However, Ms Skariniotis - who describes herself as a compassionate person - has denied any wrongdoing and said she was surprised to be accused of bullying.

"I have not been treated fairly," she told the tribunal.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas