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Manager and assistant win unfair dismissal case

Manager and assistant win unfair dismissal case

Unfair dismissal compensation has been awarded to a manager and his assistant manager in an employment tribunal.

According to the Redditch Advertiser, Paul Bridgeford and his stepdaughter Nicola Smith were the management team at the Lake View Cafe in Redditch when owner Jonathan Creaton decided he was going to renovate the space into a conference hall.

A tribunal heard in Birmingham was told that Mr Creaton informed Mr Bridgeford to tell Ms Smith she was losing her job.

Consequently, Ms Smith decided to take legal action on the grounds of unjust dismissal, unpaid wages and breach of contract, while Mr Bridgeford also sought damages for the same reasons.

The assistant manager said in the hearing that she was sacked after complaining about poor health and safety standards at her place of work.

And the judge has now ruled that both claimants are entitled to damages on the basis they were fired unfairly.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas