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University launches redundancy consultation

University launches redundancy consultation

A group of professionals in the education sector in Wales may require expert employment law advice in the near future after it emerged they are in danger of redundancy.

The University of Wales (UoW) has warned members of staff that it may be forced to implement a round of job cuts in the near future as part of its efforts to reduce outgoings in the wake of the recession, the BBC reports.

At present, the institution employs some 212 people on a full-time basis, but it has revealed that a consultation process with both workers and their unions is now underway.

The UoW is eager to review its "business activity" at present and has therefore started a 90-day review on how it can make its management more cost-effective in this tough economic environment.

In a statement, the university insisted it will strive to minimise compulsory redundancies, but added the "restructuring" programme will inevitably involve some job cuts.

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Posted by Francesca Witney