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Report questions MoD's redundancy plans

Report questions MoD's redundancy plans

A government department is putting itself at risk of being understaffed by implementing its redundancy plans too hastily.

That is according to a report published today (February 9th) by the National Audit Office (NAO), which has questioned the Ministry of Defence's (MoD) decision to cut 54,000 jobs all at once.

The MoD has reacted quickly to the fact it is facing severe budget reductions in the coming months by announcing plans to drastically reduce its staff numbers.

However, the NAO indicated the department may be doing so without a coherent plan for the future in place, meaning it could be left with a number of vital, skilled posts unfilled.

"The department has taken steps to retain skills ... there remains a risk, however, that some of the skills it needs now and in the future may be lost," it noted.

Recently, it emerged that the MoD had agreed to grant redundancy payments of £75 million to people who have lost their jobs over the last three months.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson