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Mother may pursue clinical negligence damages

Mother may pursue clinical negligence damages

Legal action may be taken by a family as medical professional who treated their daughter at the time of her death has been fired for clinical negligence.

According to the South Yorkshire Times, Izabelle Easen passed away at the age of seven in 2008 following an asthma attack and her mother Lorna has spent the time since blaming herself for this incident.

Ms Easen told the news source that she was woken up by her daughter, who was a regular sufferer of asthma attacks, shouting that she could not breathe and had pins and needles in her chest and arms.

She subsequently rang for paramedics from the Yorkshire Ambulance Trust - a body that employs more than 4,200 people - to attend their home, who administered CPR after Izabelle had gone unconscious, but could not save her life.

However, it has now emerged that paramedic James McKenna was sacked last October by his employer on the grounds he should have carried on with the resuscitation attempts.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas