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Council to implement hundreds of redundancies

Council to implement hundreds of redundancies

More than 500 council workers in the north of England are facing redundancy after their employer announced plans to make huge budget cuts in the next year.

Sheffield Council is hoping to save as much as £55 million in 2012-13 as it faces significant financial restrictions due to the spending reductions implemented by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance.

Officials from the body have indicated their expectation that the majority of these job losses can be introduced through voluntary redundancy rather than compulsory terminations.

Leader of the local authority Julie Dore feels this is unjust as the body was also forced to cut 800 positions last year.

"I believe we have been dealt an unfair hand by the government, but we have taken extremely difficult decisions to deliver a fair deal for the people of Sheffield," she added.

This comes after the Southern Daily Echo reported that Southampton City Council is planning to implement some 200 redundancies in the near future.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson