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MP to seek libel damages from Mail on Sunday

MP to seek libel damages from Mail on Sunday

A Conservative MP is to seek compensation from media group Associated Newspapers on the grounds of libel.

Dominic Raab - who represents the constituency of Esher & Walton in the House of Commons - has been granted permission by the High Court to take action against the publisher over an article included in the Mail on Sunday in January this year, according to the Guardian.

Within this piece - which was headlined 'Payout for woman who claimed workplace bullying under Raab' - it was claimed an unnamed female employee was offered £20,000 to keep quiet about accusations of sex discrimination and unfair treatment.

Furthermore, it was written that Mr Raab's behaviour was so bad that he caused the woman to be "traumatised, to feel worthless and to leave a job which she had otherwise enjoyed".

However, the MP disputed these allegations and the High Court has ruled he is now entitled to pursue libel damages.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas

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