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Motorcyclist pursuing £300k in damages

Motorcyclist pursuing £300k in damages

Clinical negligence compensation totalling more than £300,000 is being sought by a motorcyclist who had a leg amputated following a road traffic accident.

According to the London Evening Standard, Jonathan Griffiths is suing Barts and the London NHS Trust - which manages three hospitals in the capital - on the grounds that errors by doctors there during a procedure to repair his shattered right leg resulted in him requiring an amputation.

Mr Griffiths was undergoing surgery in July 2009 after a serious accident in which his right leg was badly broken and claims staff at the Royal London Hospital were negligent as they elevated his other leg for the operation.

This, the 34-year-old believes, caused tissue to die and arteries to become blocked in his left leg as surgeons failed to regularly take the limb down and massage it during the procedure.

Consequently, Mr Griffiths is seeking a six-figure damages settlement for his ordeal.

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Posted by Francesca Witney