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Horse rider free to pursue compensation after accident

Horse rider free to pursue compensation after accident

A horse rider who sustained a serious head injury during a road traffic accident will take legal action to recover compensation for her ordeal.

According to the Horse and Hound, Michaela Devereux suffered brain damage in an incident as she rode with her husband in the New Forest - which is located near Brockenhurst on the south coast - in October 2006 when a motorcyclist collided into her.

Within a writ issued to the High Court, Ms Devereux claimed this accident was caused by the negligence of the motorcycle driver, as he was travelling recklessly and lost control of his vehicle.

The bike hit the woman's horse, which then bolted and ran away, causing her to fall and injure herself.

Motorcyclist Peter Hayward denied this accusation, but it has been ruled that the accident was caused by him travelling at excess speed, meaning Ms Devereux is now free to pursue a claim for damages against him.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson