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Stress over redundancy 'causing long-term sickness'

Stress over redundancy 'causing long-term sickness'

Concerns over employment and redundancy in the UK are causing stress among the nation's workers, a new report has found.

A survey by the Chartered institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and healthcare provider Simplyhealth revealed stress is now the most common cause of long-term sick leave.

Pressure in the workplace has overtaken other major contributors to lengthy absences, such as repetitive strain injury and serious medical conditions.

According to the poll, many employees cite tough workloads and poor management styles for the trend.

Jill Miller, adviser to the CIPD - which has more than 135,000 members across 120 countries - said: "Stress is a particular challenge in the public sector where the sheer amount of major change and restructuring would appear to be the root cause."

The industry figure suggested line managers need to try and regain the trust of their staff and openly discuss any changes in order to help avoid unnecessary stress.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas