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Police officers sue Scotland Yard for race discrimination

Six caucasian police officers are suing Scotland Yard for racial discrimination after being cleared of alleged racially-aggravated assault.

The officers - who are members of the Territorial Support Group - have launched the employment tribunal proceedings against their employer claiming they are victims of "political correctness gone mad" for being singled out for being white.

One of the men spoke out against the Metropolitan Police, claiming the action was only taken because the force is "terrified" of being called prejudiced.

Their case was brought about as the result of an alleged assault on a group of Arab teenagers in 2007 who were mouthing obscenities at the officers.

"I feel nothing more than contempt [for the Met]. I feel very angry, very upset about the way I've been dealt with," one of the officers launching the tribunal stated.

Last month, the Daily Mail reported that Petrina Taylor has been awarded compensation of £290,000 on grounds of sexual harassment at the workplace.

Craig Alcock - who was also her boss - had also been openly racist and homophobic in the workplace.