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Basingstoke printers 'not happy with redundancy package'

Basingstoke printers 'not happy with redundancy package'

A number of printers at a facility in Basingstoke are not happy with the employment and redundancy package offered to them.

The 30-day consultation period arranged between management at Wyndeham Impact and union representatives has resulted in 58 employees losing their jobs, the Basingstoke Gazette reports.

Paul Utting, chief executive officer of the company, said the discussions showed there was no alternative but to close down the business - meaning the work is moving to other locations and the staff members are no longer employed there.

Steve Adams, a printer and member of Unite - which has more than 1.5 million people on its books - commented: "We are extremely disappointed at the decision to close the site and the way in which management have acted. We are not happy with the redundancy package we have been offered."

He added many of the people working at the site are considering their legal position regarding the dismissals, while the closure comes after months of disagreements between management and staff members.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson