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Minister 'admits employment law reforms could be tough'

Minister 'admits employment law reforms could be tough'

A senior government official has admitted forthcoming alterations to the UK's employment law system could cause problems for many companies.

In a letter to fellow members of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance, business secretary Vince Cable has raised numerous concerns he has with regard to the potentially negative effect the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) could have on firms across the nation, the Daily Mail reports.

Under the terms of these reforms, employers will be required by law to offer temporary workers the same rights as their full-time colleagues after they have been with an organisation for 12 weeks.

And Mr Cable has apparently expressed some doubts over how this will be received by organisations struggling in the aftermath of the recession.

The official noted that many companies have "genuine concerns" in terms of what this will do their business, but insisted the government can do very little to alter the legislation due to the backing it has from various trade union groups.

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Posted by Francesca Witney