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Wills 'simplify probate process for families'

Wills 'simplify probate process for families'

The probate process faced by a family after a loved one has passed away can be made simpler if the individual in question has drawn up a will prior to their death.

That is according to Toby Harris, a tutor in the Certificate in Will Preparation for the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners - a body that trains and assists professionals in the sector - who has urged all individuals to make sure they compile a last testament.

Mr Harris explained such documents are essential because they make "life easier for everyone", as even if a will does nothing more than appoint an executor, this means there is someone "whose job it is to get on with things".

The expert - who also works for Toby Harris Tax Consultants - went on to say that wills are also important for non-legal reasons, as they provide peace of mind to an individual's family.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson