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Six-figure compensation awarded to Briton after holiday accident

Six-figure compensation awarded to Briton after holiday accident
Significant personal injury compensation has been awarded to a British woman after an accident on holiday left her with life-changing health issues.

According to the Essex Echo, Michelle Dragon was visiting the Turkish coastal resort of Marmaris in 2006 and fell a distance of 12 feet down an open manhole in the pool area of the Club Sarba hotel after workers failed to replace the hazard's cover.

Due to this incident, Ms Dragon sustained "horrific" injuries - including a badly broken leg and laceration to her head - and subsequently had to undergo two operations in a hospital in Turkey.

However, five years after the accident, the 49-year-old still receives treatment for her injuries and has now been granted a six-figure damages sum for her ordeal.

"My life was transformed, simply because of a fall that sounds like it could have come straight out of a comedy sketch," she commented.

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Posted by Francesca Witney