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Progress 'being made on sex discrimination'

Progress 'being made on sex discrimination'

Sex discrimination appears set to become a less prominent issue in the British employment sector in the near future, an expert has suggested.

Last week, it emerged that the government has granted an extension to firms with regard to their plans to react to Lord Davies' report on boardroom equality, which has asked companies to make their intensions known in terms of how they are approaching the requirements set out in the document.

Under the terms of this paper, organisations listed on the FTSE 100 share index are being urged to commit to having a minimum of 25 per cent female representation at boardroom level.

Recent figures have shown that, six months after Lord Davies' report was commissioned, the number of women in senior management roles at the country's largest firms has doubled.

And Chris Parke, chief executive officer of Talking Talent, has labelled this "positive".

"I do believe in the need to promote diversity in the workplace and the time has come for a cultural shift - the figures looking like we could be making progress," he added.

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Posted by Trusha Vyas