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Managers 'must take action over sex discrimination'

Managers 'must take action over sex discrimination'

Business leaders must be more proactive to fulfil their role in combating the issue of sex discrimination in the UK's employment sector.

That is according to Carmen Watson, managing director of Pertemps Recruitment Partnership, who has urged managers to play a bigger part in tackling this problem through implementing more decisive changes to their organisations.

Ms Watson explained she is "right behind" measures put forward in Lord Davies' recent review of boardroom equality in Britain, but insisted that the government simply altering the country's employment law system would be an insufficient measure.

As such, the expert insisted chief executive officers need to pull their weight by striving for equality internally rather than waiting for legislative changes to be introduced by "opening up their recruitment policies and procedures".

This comes after a report in the Observer recently (August 21st) revealed that firms listed on the FTSE 100 share index have doubled the number of females being appointed to their boards in the last six months.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson