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Managers 'must not neglect health and safety of homeworkers'

Managers 'must not neglect health and safety of homeworkers'

Managers have been warned that they are likely to be in breach of employment law regulations if they fail to ensure the health and safety of their homeworkers.

In the aftermath of the global economic downturn, flexible working has become a more common practice in the UK, which has resulted in a growing number of professionals fulfilling their duties remotely.

However, just because an employee is not present in an office that does not mean their boss is exempt from making sure their personal wellbeing is protected in their workplace.

That is according to Bar Huberman, employment law editor at XpertHR, who has urged companies not to neglect the health and safety of remote-working staff, as the notion this is not their responsibility is quite simply a "myth".

"Employers' homeworkers have almost the same legal protection as those working from the employer's premises," she explained.

Last week (August 17th), a report in the London Evening Standard established that tens of thousands of professionals in London will be asked to work from home while the 2012 Olympics are on.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson