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Whistleblowing results in tax inspector taking HMRC to tribunal

Whistleblowing results in tax inspector taking HMRC to tribunal

An employment tribunal is taking place after a case of whistleblowing from a tax inspector with regard to the professional operations of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Alun Curtis has accused officials at the governmental branch of intentionally overcharging traders in taxes in order to increase their own pay packets by making it look as if they had dealt with unresolved issues to get financial bonuses, the Oxford Mail reports.

During his tribunal, which is taking place in Reading, the 55-year-old claimed that "hundreds of thousands of pounds" may have been illegally procured by professionals within the department.

Mr Curtis - who has worked for HMRC for more than 30 years - explained that he had informed his bosses of these concerns but was then "vilified" for speaking out.

Recently, Tania Gomez took Waltham Forest Council to a tribunal based on unfair dismissal as she believed her redundancy was implemented due to whistleblowing, the Waltham Forest Guardian reported.

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Posted by Richard Saunders