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REC chief calls on govt to extend flexible working

REC chief calls on govt to extend flexible working

The government should look to boost the number of flexible working practices implemented in the UK's employment law system in the near future.

That is the view of Kevin Green, chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), who has called on the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance to recognise the importance of such systems in the modern-day business environment.

Mr Green, who represented the recruitment industry as the recent All Party Parliamentary Group on freelancing, indicated that flexible working was one of the "main reasons employment held up comparatively well during the recession".

With this in mind, the official - whose organisation has more than 3,600 corporate members - insisted these practices can also "bring significant benefits now the economy is recovering".

He went on the say that flexibility represents a primary competitive advantage held by the UK in comparison to other nations, meaning it is not something the administration should be willing to give up easily.

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Posted by Cheryl Bennett